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Proejct Denton: The Stories that make Denton... Denton

The stories that make Denton... Denton
launching as 3 short films

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Project Denton was created to bring attention to some of the unique entrepreneurial stories happening right here in our community. Denton is an incubator of talent, not just musical talent, but business and creative talent. To begin, our attention focuses on three distinct stories that we believe capture the unique vibe, breadth of talent, and the strong community culture of our city. We're proud to showcase this entrepreneurial spirit with those within and outside of our little city of Denton, Texas.

Square 205 is the leading branding and interactive agency in Denton, TX. Our passion is for telling authentic brand stories in creative technology-driven ways. Our other passion is for Denton and the people in our town, that's why we're headquartered here and that's why we've brought you Project Denton.

A large team was involved in the creation of Project Denton but without the hard and brilliant work of David Samollow, we would not be here, thanks Dave!

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